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  2. Just a quick status update for any of you itching to know how development on S0 is going at the moment. These are some of the projects we've been working on. Self explanatory. Lilith left the gas on. JRod checks the contents of a box to determine parity and consistency. Falco tells us he's an alcoholic. As you can see below, we have performed a total overhaul to the economy. Mors hands JRod payment for some dubious items. Fuck knows what's going on here. New Head and Shoulders playermodel in testing Mors attempts to get into the mindset of the lesser known minge. We built a temporary replacement for Miguel. He doesn't talk much. All playermodels are set to be replaced with this absolutely chronic Elvis model. Darth Vader plays chess with a human infant, while another moderates. Adolf Hitler observes while utilising a rainbow vape. [2017 colourised] Mors dies while testing the Stove-O-Matic 4000 We hope you are looking forward to Globius Version 43875 as much as we are. Thank you.
  3. Teamspeak Rules

    Globius' TS3 Rules You are expected to read this list of rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for anyone. General Rules Obviously we're a gaming community.. on the internet, so we do have to accept a certain level of vulgarity however we do not accept overtly racist/sexist/hateful chat. Keep that shit to yourself. Don't intentionally copy other's names to cause confusion or otherwise. Any form of spam is grounds for a ban, this includes chat, name change, channel change, poke, etc. Flaming other users publicly is not allowed. Whether it's via server chat, channel names, usernames, channel desc, etc. If you want to flame someone go add them on Steam. Posting links to shock sites/phishing sites or anything mingey is not allowed. Absolutely no soliciting. Don't burst into people's channels like fucking Kramer. If there's people in there try politely asking to join. Keep your avatar reasonable. No racist/sexist/hateful/sus shit. Admins have the ability to treat all user behavior at their own discretion. Use common sense and don't be an asshole. Administration Rules You're not allowed to use your powers for the purpose of trolling people. With the exception of Ludum. Don't edit people's channels/names/desc/etc unless they've A) Explicitly asked you to do so or B) Have some sus shit on there
  4. DarkRP Rules

    That's probably a good idea and yeah rules are very much up in the air currently. This post was mostly me shitting a stream of consciousness out into text form. I'll also need to expand RP relation. ie: gangs are in relation. gangs and cops are not. etc etc
  5. DarkRP Rules

    I think that if Medics can be part of a gang, there should be another (perhaps very expensive) way of healing one's self. I also think Medics should be able to sell shipments of armour/medkits (I assume we can use this thread to discuss rules, then post a new "clean" thread later?)
  6. DarkRP Rules

    Globius' DarkRP Rules You are expected to read and understand this list. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. General Use common sense. Be respectful to your fellow players outside of RP. Staff members may treat player behavior at their own discretion. DarkRP RDM You may kill others in defense of your life or property. NLR / Metagaming You may not use information beyond your character's knowledge. When you die you lose all memory of your previous life. Props You may not prop spam/surf/push/kill/minge/etc. RP Relation <some shit here about how einsteins theory of relativity works> Raiding / Mugging Raids may take place completely unannounced. You must give someone a limit of at least 10 seconds when mugging. You may only mug/kidnap for up to $15,000. Basing You may place a building sign and propblock when building however you may not have be engaging in RP when doing so. (Eg: printers/weapons/etc). You may have up to 3 fading doors in your base. Keypads must be clearly visible. Players should not have to crouch or jump to traverse your base. Jobs You may demote anyone who is not performing their job's duties correctly. (Corrupt CP / Gun Dealers not selling / etc) Government CP Rules CP may only kill in self-defense. You must first make a reasonable attempt to arrest a player. You must have valid cause for arresting/warranting/want a player. Raiding may only be undertaken with a warrant. The highest ranking government officer makes decisions about building. They may delegate this privilege to other gov players. Any area past the PD lobby may be treated as a base (players may be KOS'ed/arrested) Laws may not be made counteracting default laws. Lockdowns must have valid reasons. Gangs The following jobs may be part of a gang. Mob Boss Gangster Cult Leader / Follower Thief Medic (One per gang) Agenda must make sense ("kill all cops" is not an agenda). Hobo You are homeless. You cannot own property. You may however build in the streets. Wiremod / E2 You may not use Wiremod/E2 as a workaround to server rules. Wiremod/E2 may not be used to metagame or gain an advantage in RP (player/entity finders, etc). You may not use Wiremod/E2 to modify the properties of a player/entity.
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