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    ayyyy it's open
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    Won't be long now.
  3. Just a quick status update for any of you itching to know how development on S0 is going at the moment. These are some of the projects we've been working on. Self explanatory. Lilith left the gas on. JRod checks the contents of a box to determine parity and consistency. Falco tells us he's an alcoholic. As you can see below, we have performed a total overhaul to the economy. Mors hands JRod payment for some dubious items. Fuck knows what's going on here. New Head and Shoulders playermodel in testing Mors attempts to get into the mindset of the lesser known minge. We built a temporary replacement for Miguel. He doesn't talk much. All playermodels are set to be replaced with this absolutely chronic Elvis model. Darth Vader plays chess with a human infant, while another moderates. Adolf Hitler observes while utilising a rainbow vape. [2017 colourised] Mors dies while testing the Stove-O-Matic 4000 We hope you are looking forward to Globius Version 43875 as much as we are. Thank you.

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