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Found 1 result

  1. jrod

    Teamspeak Rules

    Globius' TS3 Rules You are expected to read this list of rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for anyone. General Rules Obviously we're a gaming community.. on the internet, so we do have to accept a certain level of vulgarity however we do not accept overtly racist/sexist/hateful chat. Keep that shit to yourself. Don't intentionally copy other's names to cause confusion or otherwise. Any form of spam is grounds for a ban, this includes chat, name change, channel change, poke, etc. Flaming other users publicly is not allowed. Whether it's via server chat, channel names, usernames, channel desc, etc. If you want to flame someone go add them on Steam. Posting links to shock sites/phishing sites or anything mingey is not allowed. Absolutely no soliciting. Don't burst into people's channels like fucking Kramer. If there's people in there try politely asking to join. Keep your avatar reasonable. No racist/sexist/hateful/sus shit. See the following: Admins have the ability to treat all user behavior at their own discretion. Use common sense and don't be an asshole. Administration Rules You're not allowed to use your powers for the purpose of trolling people. With the exception of Ludum. Don't edit people's channels/names/desc/etc unless they've A) Explicitly asked you to do so or B) Have some sus shit on there

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